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Basically, we put plants in bottles...

But we also practice and teach Asian Bio-Energetics Therapy or ABET, and the Usui-Tibetan Reiki Therapy.

We do not teach Cranio Sacral Therapy and Thanatology but we use these techniques in our sessions whenever they are needed at no additional cost.

We include Aromatherapy in all our sessions and can show you how to make your own Essential Oils.

Apart from the Aromatherapy (essential oil making), ABET and Reiki trainings, as well as Life-style adjustment trainings, we now also offer the following traditional services by English speaking, experienced Thai practitioners :

- Toksen and Guasha massage services and trainings

- Thai herbal trainings

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What is an Asian Bio-Energetics (ABET) session like?

We use a combination of several oriental holistic healing techniques

which are all non-invasive and require no machines for diagnoses

and no drugs for treatment.
We use the Diagnostics, Meridian and Moxibustion therapies of

Traditional Chinese Medicine from China (without the needles)

and combine this with the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test,

the Magnet and Piezo therapy from Japan,
  with the Healing Breathing from Tibet

and the wonderful benefits of Aromatherapy.


The first result of this treatment is that you feel lighter in body and spirit

and more energetic.
Sleep is deeper and more refreshing and physical ailments can disappear surprisingly quickly depending on their seriousness.
The next step is to teach patients how to make small life style changes

to gain major life quality improvements.

Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy (ABET) is especially effective for accident or stroke rehabilitation, back and joint pains, diabetes, sleepless nights, blood pressure, stomach, liver, kidney and urinary bladder problems, Parkinson’s, Lupus and other such debilitating diseases.

We believe that the most effective way to remove pain 
is to remove the cause of the pain or ailment. And that is exactly what we do with the help of the patients themselves.

Dying? Last, but certainly not least, we want to improve the quality of life of those patients with terminal diseases to make their final days on earth more comfortable and dignified,and to help them to accept the inevitable peacefully.

This is what we do with Thanatology which is basically working with people who are dying.

When patients are terminally ill, you can prepare them to make their transition less scary.

Our sessions can temporarily revitalize patients, so they have the energy to deal with any unfinished business. It is important to:

- help them tidy up their affairs.

- to teach them to heal and mend family relationships that may have strained in the past.

- to encourage them to forgive and let go of any unnecessary anger and pain.

- to encourage family members and friends  to say goodbye and,

- to let the dying person know that it is okay to go, and even though it does hurt, they can survive and carry on without them.

This often brings tremendous relief and removes the feeling of guilt or attachment from the dying person.


Our NATURAL treatments can REDUCE pain and often reduce the need

for heavy pain medication, thereby giving the patient a clear head to realise what is going on.

This can relieve anxiety and bring final peace and harmony to the mind, body and spirit.

This can help them to bring their life to a joyful conclusion.

This can also support the family members to heal the pain of their loss.


Sometimes, when the physical body has a complete breakdown,

a healing cannot take place.
In such cases, a deeply relaxing treatment will still give

 peace of mind, which in turn can relieve pain.
This is because in this peace-induced state, the mind partly leaves the body, 
so that the pain messages from the brain are partly inactivated, as happens with meditation.”

I extracted this very valuable message from Betty Shine’s books,

which are wonderful to read.

We also like to help the living......

AROMATHERAPY  Facial Rejuvenation (AFR)

What is beauty?

1. Beauty is not simply about how a person looks, but the personality and characteristics of that person.

2. External beauty is related to the internal workings of the body.

The inner body’s condition will be reflected externally on the complexion.

We understand how emotions affect a person’s health and which specific emotion is related to which specific organ systems.

And if a person is unhappy, or stressed or worried all the time, this will also have a detrimental effect on their beauty.

What can we do about this?

An ancient Chinese axiom states, “Where Qi goes, blood flows.”

Facial Rejuvenation treatment increases Qi flow and circulation to the facial area;

the resulting increased oxygenation helps tonourish the skin by transporting new nutrients to that area and remove toxins away from the facial skin.

The result is a more radiant and glowing complexion.

No one can look beautiful who feels ill and fatigued.

Tension and anxiety secrete lactic acid, which contracts and contorts muscles;

this is further enhanced by fatigue, stress and poor circulation.

Habitual grimacing, straining, squinting are visible signs of stress on the face;

ASIAN AROMATHERAPY  Facial Rejuvenation sessions will ease these lines by assisting the relaxation and loosening of the facial musculature, and by diminishing these lines, a more glowing and exuberant complexion will appear.

Deeper lines which are reduced but not gone when the skin is pulled apart, are reduced with this treatment.

Moxa Essential Oil
Moxa Essential Oil



We have been growing moxa (Artemisia) for the past 14 years and mainly used the fresh and the ground products to make our own pure moxa rolls.

It was a big step from using these wonderful products in their fresh, dried or ground forms, to actually making our own essential oils.

First, we had to find a factory that could make our distillating apparatus in stainless steel strong enough,

exactly the way we wanted it, and at a reasonable price.

With steam distillation, the herbs are put in a vacuum-sealed container and it is then heated. 

This heating will create an incredible amount of pressure that will separate the oil from the herb.

The stainless steel distillator apparatus also had to be big enough to process at least 5 kilos of products

and small enough to use at our center.

With the help of several friends, that took a few weeks.

Then we had to negotiate the right price. This took six weeks… really!

The manufacturing of the apparatus only took 4 days to make and we are verrrrry pleased with the results.


Over the last 7 years, we made over 300 distillations of the products we grow in our garden, such as : Artemisia Vulargis (moxa), Artemisia Annua (to treat malaria) , Ginger, Turmeric, Makrud Lime, Phlaai (for pain), bamboo leaves for a smooth skin, Lemongrass, Citronella, Cinnamon, Camphor, etc.

We are delighted with the results.

As we make only small quantities of essential oils for our personal use,  we can not sell them but we are happy to show you how to make your own in a 3-day hands-on workshop

This also includes the basic training of how to work with these wonderful aromatherapy products as well as some great product formulas.

For more info, please contact us.


However, Hydrosols we can sell to you.

Even though we do not want to sell our essential, you can buy the hydrosols of all our products : moxa, ginger, jiaogulan, Artemisia Annua, turmeric, cinnamon, phlaai, lemongrass, citronella, makrud lime.

Hydrosols are also known as hydrolates, or herbal and floral waters,

They are the wonderful by-products of the process of making essential oils.

During this process, the herbs and flowers are steam distilled.

The water is heated and presses itself through the plants as vapor, which collects the essential oils and other ingredients.


The essential oils, which float on the surface of the water, are removed with the help of a separating funnel, leaving the hydrosol, which contains a small quantity of essential oil and other water-soluble agents from the plant.

Nothing else is added to our hydrosols/floral waters which are 100% natural.

Use : you can spray these wonderful hydrosols on your clothes, bedsheets or body

to benefit from the small amounts of essential oils they still contain.

For more info, please contact us.



Starting in May 2019, we will offer Tok Sen Massage training at the Asian Healing Arts Center (AHAC) by a certified Thai Herbalist and experienced Tok Sen practitioner.

Most people have heard or experienced Thai Massage.

Few know about Tok Sen massage which is an ancient practice of Northern Thailand.

AHAC is one of the very few centers where intensive hands-on Tok Sen trainings are offered in English or Thai to local and foreign students, including a lot of daily practice.

Tok Sen is a traditional massage from Northern Thailand which uses a special hammer to gently hit a piece of teak wood called a “dogbone” while following the “sen” energy lines on the body and transfer the vibrations in a meditative rhythm…

This rhythmical tapping and sound vibrations work deeply through the tissue and muscles right down to the attachments with the bones.

Tok Sen is used to clear blocked energy, pinched nerves, improve blood circulation and ease muscle, nerve tensions and pains. This deeply relaxing, ancient massage from Northern Thailand is given to fully clothed patients.

Our Tok Sen massage training is based on the meditative and gentle massage techniques practiced in Northern Thailand (where we are located) without the painful or uncomfortable after effects of conventional Thai massage. 

Our Tok Sen massage training gives you the foundations and teaches you how to focus and increase your energies with this meditative practice.

The main advantages of joining our intensive Tok Sen training which we teach in English, is that it will enable you to take care of yourself (*first*) and of others as well. 

You will learn how to locate and use the main Tok Sen energy lines efficiently.

The Tok Sen meditation technique is also used for major life quality improvements for yourself and for your patients is an important part of this training.

It is best to have a good working knowledge of English.

We give this intensive training only once a month during four days.

Please contact us for our next Tok Sen trainings for 2019.


Times : Mondays to Thursdays, that is 4 days from 8.30 to 4.

If you study every day, we can all progress well and probably finish comfortably but I truly need your full commitment for that duration.

 We prefer students who have had some Reiki training (anywhere) which will make it so much easier for  you to appreciate what we mean when we talk about “energy vibrations”.

A Certificate will be given after you have attended all 4 training days and successfully completed the practical tests.

 The Tok Sen tuition fees are a real investment in your health for the rest of your life and they considerably support our charity activities in Chiangmai.

The total Tok Sen tuition fees include: vegetarian lunches, the certificate and hand-out course material and daily refreshments.

They do not include the complete set of basic Tok Sen tools (for a total value of 1000 Bt).

Seats are given on a first-come, first-served basis and we limit the classes to max. 6 students.

 For more info, please contact us.

Christine Olivares